Chickpea Recipes


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Chickpea Recipes – 100 recipes using chickpeas

Vegetarian Spaghetti 1
Confetti Bean Salad 2
Spiced Chickpeas 3
Kitchen Sink Soup 4
Chickpea Salad 5
Three-Bean Salsa 6
Chicken Pita and Yogurt Casserole 7
Chickpea Coconut Salad 8
Moroccan Lentil Salad 9
Indian-Spiced Roasted Chickpeas 10
Mediterranean Vegetable Stew 11
Potato Minestrone 12
Veggie and Cilantro Hummus Sandwiches 13
Butter Chickpea Curry 14
Vegetarian Chickpea Curry with Turnips 15
Kielbasa Bean Soup 16
Chickpea Salad II 17
Sundal 18
Jean’s Super Salad with Ginger-Citrus Dressing 19
Cuban Smoked Sausage with Chick Peas 20
Jonny’s Easy Garbonzalicious Tangy Artichoke and Bean Salad 21
Tuna Salad 22
Nut Burgers (Vegetarian) 23
Sean’s Falafel and Cucumber Sauce 24
Vegetable Packed Dip 25
Pakistani Spicy Chickpeas 26
Harira 27
Spicy Vegan Potato Curry 28
Hearty Chicken Vegetable Soup III 29
Moroccan Chicken 30
Home-Style Brown Rice Pilaf 31
Delicious Chickpea Curry 32
Vegetable Beef Minestrone 33
Black Bean and Chickpea Hummus 34
Leah’s Chicken with Chickpeas 35
Spinach and Garbanzo Skillet 36
South Indian Chickpea Salad 37
Whole Grain Panzanella Bread Salad 38
Red Cabbage and Chickpea Salad 39
Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce With Feta and Wine 40
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad I 41
Curried Bean Salad 42
Chickpea Soup II 43
Chickpea Macaroni Salad 44
Roasted Chickpeas 45
Quorn „ and Chickpea Curry 46
Falafel I 47
Slow Cooker Vegetable Chili 48
Garbanzo Bean Patties 49
Simple Roasted Chickpea Snack 50
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad II 51
Preety’s Chickpea Salad 52
Basil and Pesto Hummus 53
Koshary 54
Greek Hero 55
High-Protein Torte 56
Shortcut Minestrone 57
Rosemarie’s Italian Style Soup 58
Chickpea Soup I 59
Cholay (Curried Chickpeas) 60
Lamb L’Arabique 61
Pressure Cooker Italian Chicken Soup 62
Jumpin’ Chickpeas 63
West African Vegetable Stew 64
Chickpea Salad with Red Onion and Tomato 65
Lemon Garlic Hummus 66
Kidney Bean and Chickpea Salad 67
Tomato Topped PHILLY Bean Dip 68
Better Vegetable Stew 69
Chickpea and Pasta Soup 70
Carrot Bean Salad 71
Casablanca Chili 72
Spiced Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 73
Cara’s Moroccan Stew 74
Yummy Couscous Salad 75
Mediterranean Couscous Salad 76
Broccoli Bean Pasta 77
Spinach with Chickpeas and Fresh Dill 78
Italian Chicken and Chickpeas 79
Southwestern Vegetarian Pasta 80
Quinoa with Chickpeas and Tomatoes 81
Curried Chicken Soup with Chickpeas and Cauliflower 82
Holly’s Hummus 83
College Student’s Saucy Chickpeas 84
Garbanzo Bean Tomato Salad 85
Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas 86
Couscous with Chickpeas and Carrots 87
Chickpea Cauliflower Curry 88
Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling 89
25-Minute Tunisian Vegetable Couscous 90
Chickpea and Eggplant Stew 91
Hearty Layer Salad 92
Indian Chickpeas 93
Mexican Orzo Salad 94
Savory Roasted Root Vegetables 95
Five-Bean Salad 96
Beetroot Hummus 97
Three-Bean Cassoulet 98
Aush (Afghani Chili) 99
Tangy Four-Bean Salad 100
Sun-Dried Tomato-Flavored Hummus 101

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